NEO ART PERU - Excellence in the Art of Carving
NEOART PERU is a second generation family company based in Lima - Peru, dedicated to the “Art of Carving Precious and Semiprecious Stones” and the commercialisation of Crystallized Minerals and Rough Stones from Peru since 1975.

Being the first company to be established in Peru dedicated to these activities we were proud to show the World the first Crystallized Minerals and Modern Peruvian Lapidary Work. It was just a question of time for the World to see, learn and appreciate the magnificent lapidary work (which today has developed into an Art) and of course the unique and exquisite Peruvian Minerals.

The appreciation for gems and semiprecious stones from nature is constantly progressing and as a result our company has developed in like manner. NEOART PERU has developed its own artistic forms and techniques, it’s collection of art pieces is mainly focused in natural wildlife, whose novelty stands in bringing together sculptorical concepts, the techniques of the jewelry, gold and silver work and the carving of precious and semiprecious stones.

As you open this website you will find samples of our one-of-a-kind gemstone carvings and sculptures, crystallized minerals, including special museum pieces and of course a wide variety of rough stones from our country; hoping this will introduce you to the world of NEOART PERU, Art of Carving, Crystallized Minerals and Rough Stones.
NEO ART PERU - Excellence in the Art of Carving
Gemstone Carvings & Sculptures - Crystallized Minerals - Rough Stones